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    What is your minimum order size?

    Our minimum is $300.00 USD per order but there are no quantity minimums. We keep our minimums quite low for two reasons:

    1 . If you're new, it'll give you a low-risk opportunity to try out our products

    1. When you're ready to re-order, you will be able to re-order in a quantity that work for your space and current stock levels.


    What price should I sell in my establishment?

    MSRP on almost all items is double what you paid.

    IE: You paid wholesale $30.00 - Retail the item for $60.00

    But you can sell at whatever price you feel is best for your business and location.


    How quickly can you ship my order?

    All orders are typically shipped within two to four business days. If you have a time sensitive shipment, please email us at

    Different Vendors will be shipped from different locations. So if you haven't received everything within one box be on the look out for other shipments. 


    What payment methods are available?

    We accept major credit cards. 100% of the payment is due at the time of order placement.