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    Rebellion is more than revolution in the traditional sense — it's about rebelling against the normalcy of everyday life. It's about making the conscious choice to alter the status quo in every way, big or small. To pave your own road or dive off the deep end, because you're all in! It's about thriving in your own individuality and that’s exactly who we are.

    At Rebellion, we carefully hand craft the most unique blends of 100 percent natural CBD so you can reap the incredibly rich benefits — for your mind, body and soul — and ultimately give you the power of vitality.

    At Rebellion, we strive to provide you with the highest quality CBD products at a price that is fair and affordable. Everything boils down to supplying you with the best products at an amazing value. We are proudly family-owned and operated, and our Kentucky-based farming partners are as well. They have been innovators in hemp agriculture and cultivation techniques for decades. Our products are all tested at a third-party lab for both purity and consistency, and we stand by them 100 percent. We sincerely hope that our passion shines through our products.

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